Aurea Capital Investment Management

Management of real asset investments and impact investments

What ACIM stands for

Aurea Capital Investment Management (ACIM) is the entity in charge of managing our unique closed-end collective investment entities. Founded in 2020, ACIM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aurea Capital Partners, ensuring full control and alignment of interests.

ACIM specializes in real asset management and impact investing. Our firm is committed to promoting a sustainable and responsible future by investing in key sectors that generate a positive environmental and social impact.

We currently channel our investments through two venture capital funds. The first is the Aurea Renewable Energy I Venture Capital Fund, which focuses on renewable energy. This fund seeks to identify investment opportunities in clean energy projects.

On the other hand, we have the European Venture Capital Fund Aurea Sustainable Agriculture Fund which focuses on sustainable agriculture.

Renewable energies renewables

Renewable energies are a reality today and play a fundamental role in the transformation towards an energy model based on clean, durable, reliable and economically competitive sources.

ACIM has a focus on investment in renewable energy, especially in European countries.


Agriculture Sustainable

In Spain, the agricultural sector plays a key role in the economy and is undergoing a true revolution driven by technological transformation and increased productivity.

This evolution is due to the adoption of advanced technologies, such as precision agriculture, automation, the use of drones and sensors, among others.


These innovations are enabling farmers to improve their resource use efficiency.

The implementation of more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Optimize crop management, reduce costs and increase production in a sustainable way.